Diurnal Hotel Cobianchi


In 1924 the diurnal Hotel Cobianchi was built in Milan ( Piazza Duomo), with astonishing Liberty and Deco style furnishing, glasses and ceramics. For the restructuring of this citizen building it was necessary to maintain the colors and the style of that time. Therefore Teamwork made special ceramic tiles, which were exact reproductions of the original pieces. Teamwork made the ceramic tiles for the false ceiling to get back the same setting of that time. The tiles had a thin support (3 mm), with glazed earthenware. Teamwork created three different sizes of different colors:

  • 15×15 cm bianco
  • 4×15 cm beige
  • 4×4 cm bordeaux

The ceramic pieces were rectified because the placing had to be closed-joint to reproduce the exact geometry of the false ceiling. In this way the Liberty style was retrieved and by doing so a historical building was brought to the light again. It is now used as a Tourist Information Office.

CLIENT: Comune di Milano

LOCATION: Piazza Duomo Milano

DATA: 2005