Building 15


The Building 15 is the location of the Architecture and Building Engineering department of the Politecnico / polytechnic University of Milan. As a good part of the entirety building incorporate in the polytechnic area, it has been built by the Milanese Architect Gio Ponti and its external facade are characterized by a relief ceramic covering measuring 5×5 cm. On the base of the originals, Teamwork develops and reproduces matching colours tiles in geometrical relief Citrinette Porcelain/ Gres Stoneware . These will allow easy maintenance interventions or possible facade restorations according the architectonical restrictions. Teamworks produces a Citrinette Porcelain/ Gres Stoneware tiles that can be paired to the original ones due to preserve the majority of them and also they can be realized in many different shades of white in order to better maintain the same effect. The damaged areas has been substituted by the compatible material that allowed to conserve big portions of the original facade build by the famous architect.


DATA: 2016