Corte di Cadore


At the beginning of 1950 the holiday village “Corte di Cadore” in Borca di Cadore was born thanks to Enrico Mattei, the ENI’s president. Mattei idea was to create a holiday village for 6000 people: the ENI employees. The village, located in Borca di Cadore, right at the bottom of the Antelao’s Mount, was designed by the architect Edoardo Gellner. The initial project took into consideration single small houses, one church, one small camping area, a hotel and a central service cutting-edge for that period. After the brilliant 1960’s and the Winter Olympic Games the village was neglected and it was about to be abandoned. At the beginning of 2000 “Corte delle Dolomiti” had a careful restructuring. Façades and interiors were renovated by Cualbu Company. Teamwork participated to the renovation because supplied the glazed ceramic mosaic sizes 2×2 cm white, blue and yellow to be used for the bathroom covering. In particular the yellow and blue glazes were especially made because these colors evoked the same colors of the company property at that time (ex Agip).

CLIENT: Impresa Cualbu

LOCATION: Borca di Cadore

DATA: 2004