Trifoglio Building


The Trifoglio building, designed by Giò Ponti with the collaboration of Giordano Forti, represents one of the most characteristics buildings in Milan. The famous architect built it in 1961. Ceramic is a characterizing material of Ponti’s architecture, it was used with different shapes to cover his building.
Talking about the preservation work of the building, Teamwork designed a full body glazed porcelain tile in relief with size 5×5 cm, which was an exact reproduction of the Giò Ponti‘s tiles in shape and tone.
After a careful analysis of the moulds and the creation of the tiles, Teamwork concentrated on the exact tone reproduction in order to create a good match tiles and the original tiles. So the building projected by the great Architect from Milan was brought to life.

CLIENT: Politecnico di Milano


DATA: 2007