Giles Miller Hexagon Tile


Teamwork and the Londoner design studio Giles Miller cooperate together in order to produce trim tiles that are used by Londoner designers to create a mural in the “Women’s VIP area” at the Dubai Mall Shoe District.This project, conceived by Londoner designers, consisted in creating a hexagonal trim tile and further two tiles in relief that evoke the flower shape. The hexagonal tile is composed of two different heights which create a slanted surface on the top of it. The flower tiles, which are formed by different curves and heights, were produced by using the most innovative techniques.The aesthetic output of this product was achieved by using the glazing technique which matches with the performances of the porcelain stoneware.The different pieces were installed by following the framework that designers conceived, specifically, it creates shapes and colours that enhance the surrounding spaces.

CLIENT: Giles Miller Studio

LOCATION: Mall Shoe District

DATA: 2013