Stella Tiles


Teamwork designed for Stella Mc Cartney a special threedimensional ceramic tile with a exagonal shape. The piece, created by Londoner Designer Barber and Osgerby-Universal Design Studio- was used to start up the first one brand stores (New York and London) of such famous a stylist. In 2003 and thanks to the creation of this tile Teamwork won an award by the BRITISH DESIGN AND ART DIRECTION ACADEMY in the ENVIROMENT DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE CATEGORY. In 2007 the tile was exhibited at the Museum Fur Gestaltung or Zurich at the Nature Design Expo. The whole project was composed by eight different components such as tiles and their relative special curved tiles,necessary to give continuity to the cover although the wall wasn’t straight.

CLIENT: Stella McCartney

LOCATION: New York & London Stores

DATA: 2002