Post Office Sabaudia


The Post Office building, designed by Angiolo Mazzoni in 1932-34, one-floor building detacched from the soil by a staircase, which is completely covered by blue mosaic (the Savoy’s Royal color). Such architectural elements provide the building with a strong aerodynamic effect. It was purchased by the town of Sabaudia that restructured it and returned to citizens in 2011. Teamwork designed the blu mosaic, size 2×2 cm, to recover the walls coating. Special ceramic tiles were also produced; special tiles with a large curvature just for this refurbishment. The material was provided disassembled because the Department of “Beni Architettonici” wanted to recover most of the original mosaics, so the workers replaced the damaged ones piece after piece. Therefore Teamwork did an important research to get the exact blue nuance able to match the original pieces.

CLIENT: Sgrulletti Costruzioni

LOCATION: Sabaudia

DATA: 2010