Explore the infinite decorative potentials of ceramics with us

Behind its apparent simplicity, a ceramic tile or mosaic conceals a complexity that offers the architect or designer many opportunities for creating a unique, distinctive object.
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the production process, we can vary every aspect of the product, combining technical and aesthetic parameters to embody the initial design idea in surfaces with high performances and an unmistakable appearance.

How we work step by step

We design the most effective production process around your project

Everything starts with your idea
Putting an idea into practice implies solid technical skills and a strong design sensitivity, so we immediately suggest all the appropriate optimisations for the production process considered most suitable.
Feasibility analysis and cost estimate
We analyse every detail of the aesthetic design project to verify its feasibility and to provide the architect or designer with the most accurate cost estimate possible. For every project, the shape of the tile, its intended use, the type of surface finish and the square metres of material required must be defined from the outset.
Product development
Once every aspect of the project’s appearance has been defined, we proceed with its technical development. The production process is tailored to requirements, using some of the most innovative technologies and drawing on some of the Sassuolo ceramics district’s top expertise.
Prototyping and testing
Prototyping is essential to assess the tile’s dimensions, proportions and three-dimensionality and the structure of its surface. Once all the necessary corrections have been made, a number of pieces are manually produced for assessment of other qualities such as colour, degree of reflection, shade variation, patterning variability and general consistency of substance.
Depending on quantity (which may be up to 8-10 thousand m2) and the specific characteristics of each project, we decide whether to adopt a more artisanal or a more industrial approach. In both cases, the commitment to maintaining the designer’s idea implies assessments and choices we make independently.
Quality control and certification
Our strict quality control on the materials produced is based on the ISO 10545 standard, which lays down assessment methods and permitted values for all the technical properties of a ceramic surface.
Packaging and shipping
After production, the product is packaged and shipped, directly to the construction site if necessary. We keep a few square metres in our records as reference in case it should be necessary to produce more material at a later date, in full compliance with project confidentiality and intellectual property rights.

Everything you need to develop an extraordinary turnkey project

Creativity and design service
If your idea is little more than a sketch, or is not yet clearly defined, our team of architects and designers can offer the creative consulting required to perfect the aesthetics of the decorative project.

Installation consultancy
If necessary, we can provide consulting on the installation of our ceramic materials actually on the construction site, ourselves or through chosen professionals fully informed regarding the characteristics of the product and of the decorative project of which it is to form a part.