Private Building (Milan)


The residential building built by Gregotti Studio has been subject numerous times of maintenance works in both sides: external and internal, with an expansion project. The external wall has been made by a un-glazed klinker material. Teamwork produces and develops Citrinette Porcelain/ Gres Stoneware un-glazed tiles of the same format and relief of the original ones, in order to have the possibility of renewing and expanding the front facade. The result has a finish effect of perfect blending and avoiding an optical discrepancy between the original and the restored spots. Teamwork has produced more than 600 mq of porcelain material. The Citrinette Porcelain/ Gres Stoneware un-glazed material has been developed with the use of coloured clays matching the existing as requested from the client

CLIENT: Impresa Scaroni


DATA: 2016