Private Building Via Dandolo


The restructuring of the private building on Via Dondolo 4-Milan.The work was done by the construction company Falduto F.lli under the supervision of Architect Fabio Carria. The building was designed in 1948 by Vito Latis and it was characterized by ceramic mosaic (size 2×2 cm) façades. Teamwork created the full body porcelain mosaic 2×2 cm for the restructuring the façade in replacement of the old material damaged throughout the time. Teamwork supplied the mosaic, a mix of three different colors, in order to match the original material. After a research Teamwork made a mosaic module with the matching colors and a correct mix in accordance with the work direction.The complete substitution of the outside covering has allowed to keep the façade without overloading the existing structure and maintaining the original architectural characteristic at the same time.

CLIENT: F.lli Falduto


DATA: 2012