Reproduction of the mosaic 2×2 (damaged mosaic on the left; Teamwork’s reproduction of the mosaic on the right) Teamwork reproduced the mosaic tiles and the 6×12 cm diamond-shaped 3D klinker that characterize the facade of the building overlooking via Montebello, built fifteen years after the first (which overlooks via della Moscova) on a lot adjacent, […]

San Sisto, Milan

The facade before the renovation The renovated facade Teamwork’s reproduction of the existing mosaic Before After Before After

San Vigilio

The redevelopment of San Vigilio Uno acted by giving importance to a theme such as that of sustainability, from which attention cannot be ignored today, requesting LEED certification, and at the same time increasing openness and exchange with the city through greater visual permeability, but always making the coexistence of new and historical elements, perfectly […]

Coni Zugna

Deteriorated clinker Clinker reproduction Old and new klinker compared

Santa Maria Annunciata Church

For this project, Teamwork made ceramic tiles with two different reliefs. Typologies faithful to the originals designed by architect Giò Ponti. Further in-depth analysis of the study of the glaze to be applied to the substrate resulted in the color effects for the types of renovations required. Reproduction and original (weathered) piece compared

Zuma, Porto Cervo

The casual laying of the strips, combined with the craftsmanship of the product that covers the bar counter, creates a one-of-a-kind coating that marries beautifully with the warm and sparkling atmosphere of the chain’s flagship restaurant, inserted in the incomparable context of the Costa Smeralda.


The white porcelain stoneware tiles, arranged according to the pattern desired by the Designers, break up the monotony of a simple painted wall. The light hitting the white coated wall makes the interior space of the building even brighter

Yeels by Rodolpho Parente

The three-dimensional tiles supplied by Teamwork, characterized by precious metal finishes, are used as a covering for the interior walls of the room and integrate perfectly into the glamorous and modern style created by the French architect

Canopy by Hilton

With its elegance, the profile embellishes the columns of the central lobby of the hotel. The profile was specifically requested unglazed to emphasize the flavor of the earth and clays that characterize the naturalness of the installed ceramic product. Rounded tile 4,5x30x2,7 cm