The Dior store in Anacapri is on several levels, all of them directly dialoguing with the natural surroundings of the island, the vegetation becoming an integral part of the project.
The materials and textures used are based on meticulous study of the local craft heritage, combined with some of the brand’s iconic features. Natural bamboo surfaces with brass details alternate with neutral plaster backgrounds and caning motifs, which highlight the bright colours of the Dior collection.
Teamwork developed the covering of broken up then reassembled ceramic tiles as a custom project, combining the French “Toile de Jouy” textile tradition with the outstanding craftsmanship of the store’s host region.
Here, traditional “Toile de Jouy” becomes the visual leitmotif of the interior: combined with the curvy abstract lines by artist Pietro Ruffo, it covers the seats, the upholstery and the sun blinds, in shades of blue and pink.