Edificio Amedeo Aosta

Via Plinio in Milan was constructed in a more or less uniform style during the early decades of the Twentieth Century. The district which grew up along its final section contains buildings embodying the spirit of urban design that evolved from the mid Fifties. It is known as the Amedeo d’Aosta District.
To prepare for the refurbishment of this building close to the city centre, Teamwork inspected the site to analyse the architectural structure and take samples of the ceramic cladding. The samples were then used for the creation, from scratch, of a die which would enable the precise reproduction of the existing tiles. In fact, the aim was to restore the damaged parts of the facade.
After constructing the die, we performed laboratory tests and trials to make sure that the new tiles were as similar as possible to the existing ones in both colour and surface texture. Teamwork was thus able to produce a glazed mosaic tile of 2.5×2.5 cm with a bas relief geometrical pattern, a precise reproduction of the original mosaic.
As you can see, the facade is in stripes of different colours which start from green and gradually become lighter and lighter: Teamwork identified and reproduced all the shades of the original products.