Edificio Montedoria

Built by Ponti in 1971, Palazzo Montedoria is in two asymmetrical parts and is clad with green tiles in 6×19 cm size, with a smooth bevelled surface. Installed at random, they generate extraordinary effects with reflected light, intensified by the flush glazing in the facade, which reflects the sky.
Work was undertaken to conserve the building’s external facade. For this project, Teamwork produced the new porcelain stoneware tiles, perfect reproductions of the existing ones manufactured by Ceramica Joo. 4 types of surface were reproduced: relief, low-relief, with a mix of high and low relief and flat. One of the aims of the restoration work was to reuse as many of the original tiles as possible, only replacing the damaged ones. This meant we had to work with great precision to come up with the right shades which would fit perfectly into the overall look of the large facade, especially in the zones where wider areas had to be replaced.
Therefore, the special glazes used even reproduce the effect of the weathering of the tiles over the years. What’s more, the new tiles were produced by craft techniques to achieve unevenness in both the surface effects and the piece sizes.