Over 20 years’ experience
in crafting tailored ceramic surfaces

Your creativity meets our artisanal approach
to the industrial manufacturing of bespoke ceramic surfaces


We were founded in 1999 and immediately turned our back on industrial standardisation in favour of a highly flexible production system that enables us to develop entirely tailor-made ceramic tiles: exclusive, bespoke surfaces, to express the character of every single project. Ever since the first ceramic tile created with London-based designers Barber & Osgerby for Stella McCartney’s boutiques, we have always worked alongside architects and designers to give form to their creativity. Every day, we construct the most suitable production process around the designer’s idea, skilfully combining craftsmanship and industrial procedures in response to the characteristics of the required ceramic surface and the quantities needed.


Industrial craftsmanship

Our approach merges skilled craftsmanship with ground-breaking industrial technologies to meet the needs of every project in full while also guaranteeing large, perfectly reproducible production batches.

A keen design sensitivity

Over 20 years working in close contact with architects and interior designers have sharpened our innate design sensitivity: an instinctive tendency to seek the best combination of aesthetic qualities, technical performances and production factors.

20 years of experience rooted in a world-famous manufacturing district

For over 20 years we have produced customised ceramic surfaces with the aid of highly skilled professionals, drawing on the technical know-how of the Sassuolo ceramics district, a globally famous production hub of excellence.

Designing is always co-designing

Every design object is always created through a process of co-design, with inputs from professionals with different specific skills. We support architects’ and designers’ creativity with vast technical expertise, driven by a strong design sensitivity.

The importance of details

In a successful decorative project, not a single detail is left to chance: every aspect is cleverly orchestrated to give breath and substance to the initial idea and the emotions it has the power to arouse.

The value of bespoke

In a more and more interconnected world, where cultures and aesthetics tend to be reduced to mass market styles, a product designed and made to measure is not just a clear declaration of taste but becomes a statement of our identity, characterising and distinguishing our uniqueness.



We have worked for over 20 years in the Sassuolo ceramics district, a world-famous area of Italian excellence that continues to innovate the entire ceramic tile industry. We exploit this fine blend of leading-edge technology and very specific know-how to produce ceramics with outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities.


We have been active in London for years as partner of choice of a large number of architecture and design firms (including world leaders) for the creation of bespoke ceramic tiles and mosaics.

The variety of shapes, colours, surfaces and effects of our ceramic surfaces have also been on show for some time at Matter of Stuff, a bespoke interior design hub complete with materials library located in the heart of London, which shares our aspiration to transform the most unconventional ideas into seductive, durable substance.

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