Ceramic surfaces tailored for your project

Whether it is a new project or the reproduction of an existing ceramic surface, Teamwork produces ceramic and clinker tiles and mosaics for indoor and outdoor wall and floor coverings and paving, to the architects’ specifications. This is the process behind our products: unique, distinctive surfaces, with excellent technical properties, intended for private, commercial or corporate locations that aim to express a strong, consistent, recognisable identity.


For indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings and paving
We develop and produce bespoke ceramic surfaces created starting from the design sketch. We do not have a product catalogue for the simple reason that for us every tile is unique and special, a design item conceived and engineered to meet the unique, specific demands of a project with its own strong identity. Shape, graphic design, degree of reflection, edges and three-dimensionality are just some of the parameters we can freely combine to obtain a completely customised, 100% made in Italy product.


For facades and indoor wall coverings
We produce various types of bespoke ceramic mosaics for covering facades. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of sizes, colours and surfaces to satisfy an ever-vaster array of requirements. Our highly flexible production process enables us to reproduce mosaics no longer available on the market, for use, for example, for the restoration or replacement of wall coverings with Ministry of Culture protected status.