Giles Miller

In 2013 we made a mural in the “Womens VIP area” at the Mall Shoe District in Dubai. The project consisted in the creation of three-dimensional special pieces in a hexagonal shape and two other relief tiles that recall the shape of a flower. The hexagonal piece is characterized by two different heights thus generating […]


These are ceramic tiles in 2 sizes 9.3×18.6 and 7×29.5 cm used in different areas of the store with an alternating cobalt blue shade and at the same time a “drip” effect, entirely handmade to emphasize the craftsmanship of the product. The 7×29,5 tile was also used to cover the wall along the stairs of […]


The color of the article comes from a combination with an initial ceramic piece, then revisited according to the requests of the Applied studio. The chiaroscuro effect specially designed to emphasize the crests of the profile embellishes the final result.

WPP Workspace

Teamwork collaborated directly in concept phase of the interiors, together with the London studio BDG, customizing a coating in the co-working interior spaces. These are flat and three-dimensional tiles, concave and convex, handmade, in an opaque anthracite colour. The use of this particular ceramic tile is intended to recall the initial sentiment of the project: […]

Condè Nast Offices-Cafè

Teamwork was commissioned by the Zana studio for the development and production of the three-dimensional glazed ceramic tiles installed in the café area. The wall tiles produced by Teamwork guarantee the expression of the design and at the same time give brightness and brilliance thanks to a glaze specially developed to give greater brightness to […]

AD Interiors Exhibition by Charles Zanà

Teamwork has created exclusive and handmade ceramic pieces. These are four types of 6.5 x 20.5 cm pieces: flat, high relief, low relief and high-low relief. The result obtained thanks to the light / dark effect due to the three-dimensionality of the pieces and the depth of the ceramic glaze, harmonizes perfectly in the soft […]

Café Tengo, St. Austell, UK

The colors and effects of the St Aussell quarry seen from the satellite The 3D tiles are meant to be used as pots for edible plants. Teamwork has therefore created custom-made holes in the 3D bespoke pieces, to facilitate the irrigation of the plants, which further embellish the uniqueness of the wall The natural flow […]

Pirelli 19 Building

Unlike the adjacent buildings, which opted for more high-tech claddings, here it was decided to adopt a conservative upgrading approach, which would renovate the building while retaining its original style. Sourcing materials and technologies in use more than 60 years ago proved quite demanding and required lengthy research, but the owners’ committee was determined and […]

Edificio Nave e Trifoglio by Giò Ponti

Edificio Nave For Nave we created 7.5×15 cm tiles: one in relief with a “diamond tip” effect, the other flat and simpler, with an irregular shape. Reproduction of the 7.5 x 15 diamond tile Edificio Trifoglio For Trifoglio we produced 5×5 cm relief tesserae that faithfully reproduce those designed by Giò Ponti in terms of […]